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better grades houstonResolution Time!

(December 15, 2013) We're only a few weeks away from the New Year and many people put "stop smoking" at the top of their list of New Year's resolutions.

People have made resolutions on the new year since the days of ancient Babylon. It's estimated that 45% of Americans made New Year's resolutions in 2012. However, only 8% of those people kept their resolutions. Giving up tobacco is a "top ten" resolution every year, but it can be difficult to keep because much of what makes a person want to smoke resides in the subconscious.

Willpower does count, of course--my father quit cold turkey and never looked back. But for many willpower is just not enough. Some resort to method such as e-cigarettes, the nicotine patch and drugs like Zyban to help. But there is a better way.

Hypnosis can get rid of those subconscious desires and cravings and make it much easier to stick a smoking cessation program. The physical withdrawal symptoms only last a week or so and after that it's all psychological, which makes hypnosis a great choice as well.

Quit smoking and you will save money, live a longer, healthier life and celebrate many, many more New Year's Days in your future!

better grades houstonGreat American Smokeout!
(November 21, 2013) Today is the Great American Smokeout. It's a time to stop smoking, at least for 24 hours and investigate resources to help you stop smoking for the rest of your life. Naturally I think hypnosis is one of the most effective methods to quit smoking.

But whatever method you use, you will reap a host of health benefits by becoming a nonsmoker. First, you will live a longer life. A nonsmoker will live, on average, 13 to 14 years longer than a smoker. Cigarette smoking is the leading preventable cause of death in the United States, and it doesn't matter what age you are when you quit: you will be adding years to your life.

You'll also save money! On average, smokers spend an astounding $8000 or more per year on cigarettes, higher insurance premiums and tobacco-related healthcare, as well as days of lost productivity at work. This all adds up to quite a considerable savings if you are able to quit.

You're also in good company. 88% of smokers say they wish they'd never started smoking, and 78% say they would like to quit.

One benefit you might not have thought about is saving lives aside from your own. An estimated 49,000 people die each year from inhaling secondhand cigarette smoke.

So you should investigate resources to stop smoking. There are many, including the patch, Zyban 12-step programs, acupuncture and the e-cigarette, but hypnosis is 3 times as effective as the patch and 15 times as effective as using pure willpower to quit (according to the Journal of Applied Psychology). It's also less expensive than some other methods.

I am offering $50 off my two-session stop smoking program until Monday, November 25. Quit for a day, but take advantage of hypnosis to make it a lifetime.

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